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All About Tailgate Latch Repair

Fixing the tailgate lock may seem daunting, but it's not really a bad thing. The hardest part is getting your hands and fingers wherever you need to go without scratching your hands too much. 

In this article, we look at one of the trickiest types of tailgate locks, an SUV with an integrated rear window. To know more about tailgate latch repair you can visit

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The most common cause of failure of most latches, whether they are tailgate latches or door latches, is when the plastic clip that holds the latch in place breaks. The rod in your locking system transmits the movement of the handle to the locking mechanism. 

The end of this rod must rotate while the locking mechanism rotates so that it cannot be welded or bolted. However, they must also be secured so that the full movement of the handle leaves the lock.

The best way to fix the tailgate latch on your truck or SUV if your rear door is closed is to climb onto the bed or back of your truck and remove the inner panel of the tailgate to access the interior to get the latch.

Whenever you buy a new mechanism, be sure to check that it is fitted with new plastic clamps as they can often break during dismantling on old vehicles because the plastic is already brittle.