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Back Stretcher – A Simple Way To Relax Your Tension In The Body

The back Stretcher is a simple to use arc that helps strengthen the muscles of one's lower and upper back. It's also a great method of reducing back compression and tension. 

The arch, which is cushioned, is a method of using the weight of our bodies to alleviate the normal spinal disc compression or back pain, which can occur from long hours sitting or standing.

The back stretchers for pain relief are scientifically designed to assist, stretch as well as massage your lower back, neck and spine, thus aligning the vertebrae, reducing pressure on the nerves, improve blood circulation and improve flexibility and posture and to strengthen the muscles surrounding our spine. It also allows muscles to stretch with minimal stress.

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This Back Stretcher comes with an instruction manual that includes information on various exercises you can do using the stretcher. This Back Stretcher is compact and can easily fold to make it easy to store. The arc is equipped with rolling balls that aid in increasing blood flow and ease tension in the neck and back.

The application in the use of Back Stretcher goes a long way towards the prevention as well as treatment for back discomfort. The arc performs its function in two ways. 

First it relieves muscle tension by massaging, and secondly it improves the posture of our bodies by stretching. The back Stretcher enhances one's endurance and flexibility. The arc-shaped stretcher is covered by five years of warranty.