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Benefits Office Plants Have in the Work Place

We already know that office plants are good. They brighten up the work environment, freshen the air we breathe, and are generally a lot of fun to look at.

They bring the positive qualities of nature into the home and make it enjoyable. However, these are just a few of the benefits of plants. Health and aesthetics are excellent and can be seen as very important contributions to the ideal modern work environment.

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There are also less obvious benefits to them, some of which may come as quite a surprise. For example, who would have thought that office space could reduce the level of dust in the air or the level of noise around us.

In fact, the benefits of houseplants extend to helping to keep indoor temperatures low and comfortable. There's no doubt that offices can get noisy at times. However, it has been shown that plants fight against these aspects.

Studies have shown that offices with a sufficient number of plants absorb the surrounding noise, effectively removing the noise edge. In fact, some plants absorb certain frequencies better than others, while other plants spread sound waves and other plants still bother them.

Offices with plants show a significant reduction in dust levels. NASA conducted a study to determine the impact of plant life in closed areas. The results showed that the dust content was reduced by about 20 percent.