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Can you use the Vibram FiveFingers as a running shoe?

The Vibram FiveFingers shoes are a kind of shoes or boots which was launched in 2004 and was developed to match the feet just like a glove having a pocket for each and every toe, just like the hand gloves. The shoes were to start with somewhat low key but they became well-liked in the boating and yachting communities because the characteristics of the product and its structure ensured they were well matched to that environment. Throughout 2009 when a without running shoes running novelty was developing, these footwear were extensively adopted by people touting and attempting barefoot running because of the really minimal characteristics of the footwears design. It had been believed that the structure of the Vibram Five Fingers was minimal that running in them seemed to be the next best thing to running without running shoes as there was practically nothing in the characteristics that caused problems with with the natural motion of the foot, and so the footwear were considered to replicate barefoot running. They started to be quite popular.

The Vibram company adopted the barefoot running movement and intensely publicized their footwear and barefoot running being a viable alternative option to running with the more common padded running shoe. Their advertising started off making a number of marketing and advertising promises with their footwear such as a reconnection of the feet with the ground and enabling your feet to sense each alteration of surface. In addition they stated that the shoes offered a reduced stride length along with a lighter step. Most regrettably, they echoed the claims that runners who were touting barefoot running making the claims that if you took up running in their footwear you'd get less overuse injuries. This has been at a time in which health care professionals were dealing with a substantial upsurge in overuse injuries in athletes on account of barefoot running. There was no research during that time (and there still is hardly any today) that without athletic shoes running or running Vibram Five Fingers led to reduced overuse injuries. This resulted in a class action lawsuit against Vibram for all those bogus claims that they made a decision to settle out-of-court instead of going to trial. Into later 2013 the without running shoes running novelty started to drop off so the sales of the Vibram FiveFingers dropped off substantially from this time.

The Vibram Five Fingers continue to be on the market, primarily made use of by a smaller hard core group who are immune to the laughs on how un-fashionable the shoes are and look. There are people still running with them. If someone does really wants to run with them, then it is the kind of issue in which considerable time is needed to slowly get used to using them. The muscles in the feet will need to be strengthened and because the shoes make you run with a slightly different method, then time will likely be needed to adapt and transition to these types of footwear.

Having said that, athletes have all but completely dropped interest in the shoes. You very rarely notice a runner in a pair of Vibrams at any running event or running competition. The Vibram company is reportedly planning for a major relaunch of the Vibram Five Fingers in the second part of 2021.