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Clothing for Protection During Extreme Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is usually very risky. If you are an extreme rider, you need special clothing to protect your body from injury. Downhill racing is one of the riskiest forms of mountain biking and can result in fatal accidents.

That is why it is important to wear proper mountain bike bearings and other necessary bumpers to protect your skin in such an accident. For good protection, it is important that the protective gear fits you without restricting your movement.

Finding the right protective gear that suits you can be time consuming and should therefore be done well in advance of your motorcycling date. You can also check out various protective gear for mountain biking at

Upper Body Protection:

The bulletproof upper body vest is designed to protect the entire upper body including the chest, shoulders, elbows, back and spine. Upper body armor usually includes a ventilated chest shield and an articulated spine guard. 

Some upper body tops also have built-in elbow pads for added protection. However, separate bearings are recommended for free body movement.

Lower Body Protection:

Padded shorts are usually used to protect the lower body. The padded shorts have a soft inner lining and a tough outer shell. The soft inner lining protects the thighs, hips, buttocks and tailbone, while the tough outer shell protects the knees and shins. 

There is also a full leg padded shorts variant that offers full lower body protection in one outfit. Separate pads such as knee, ankle and shin pads are used to provide additional protection for the lower body.

You should take protection while bike riding in the mountains.