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Custom Made Dress Shirts Make A Statement

Dress shirts provide the perfect opportunity to express yourself in color and fashion that will make your total outfit be admired by everyone. The best way to do this is to easily design your own custom made dress shirts. It is not hard-at-all. 

How about trying on shirts of contrast collars and cuffs? You can pick the color of the buttons to go on your new shirt. You can personalize your dress shirt with your monogram. Think of the fun you can have wearing a shirt you have made up, one that you could never purchase in any men's store. 

contrast dress shirts

And, it is so easy to do this. The site walks you through the steps in minutes, all you need is a tape measure and a friend to assist you in taking the measurements. Once you have done this the measurements are kept in file and the next time all you have to do is pick your fabric.

A lot of men's stores offer custom made dress shirts, but their prices can be expensive. These sites offer hundreds of fabrics, multiple collar styles and ways to enhance the look of the shirts. You can select any body fit you need: trim, normal and full cut. You can design your shirt with French cuffs or regular cuffs, one pocket, two pockets, french cuff dress shirts or no pockets.

All of the shirt fabrics are pure cotton, of the finest quality and workmanship. The shirts are available in any size from 14" to 20" neck, and sleeve lengths from 30" to 40". If you want to look your best, at very reasonable prices, you need to try one of these custom made dress shirts. You will be very pleased with the shirt you received.