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Four Bathroom Faucet Configurations – A Brief Overview

When it comes to replacing outdated bathroom faucets or upgrading your current faucet, you have many options. But before you go shopping, it's important to first consider how you are going to install the faucet.

Would you like to install a new faucet directly into the sink, on the countertop, or on the wall? The type of faucet you choose really depends on the type of sink you currently have or plan to install. You can also look for single hole bathroom sink faucet.

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Most bathroom fixtures are available in four different configurations: Center Kit, Single Hole, Wall Mount, or Spread Model. The following is a brief overview of the four types of cranes.

1. A central mixer, also called a central mixer, is usually installed in a smaller trough because of its compact design. A centrally installed faucet requires three pre-drilled holes about four inches apart.

2. The single hole mixer, as the name suggests, is a tap for single hole installation. These taps usually have a single handle, although some taps have two handles.

3. Wall fixtures are often used for under countertop dishwashers and wall sinks without drilling holes. The wall tap is attached to the wall where the spout can extend over the edge of the sink or vessel.

4. A widely used faucet is used for sinks with three holes drilled 8 inches or more apart and for sinks without holes drilled but with counter space behind the sink to allow the holes to be drilled.