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How Pajero Sport Nudge Bar Provide Safety

Nudge bars are the lightest form of front-end protection on the market at the moment, and available for a wide range of recreational and commercial vehicles, including those offered by the actual manufacturers or aftermarket companies. 

The alloy bars protect the radiator grille and surrounding areas, without a need to replace or alter the bumper bars. Pajero sport nudge bar  is attached to the vehicle’s chassis and placed in the front bumper to enable the vehicle to function as a battering tool for basic fences or structures or to pull wheelchair-bound vehicles away from the roads.

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Due to other driver’s lack of attention, damage to a vehicle can occur even if parked up. A nudge guard protects the front-end of a vehicle from a third party’s poor judgment in times of reversing or parking up their vehicle, and this makes these bars so appealing.

If a regular driver in the countryside, where animal strikes can be a common occurrence, is often advised to invest in the time and expense to upgrade a vehicle’s design with full frontal protection to ensure the best possible protection in the event of a collision.

All in all, the frontal nudge bars provide a cost-effective solution to enhance and personalize the appearance of a SUV or sedan, whilst also giving a satisfactory level of frontal protection for city bumps and scrapes.