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How to choose a solar cover reel

Swimming pool sunscreens save energy and water when you use them. They must be removed before you can use your pool. It may be difficult for one person to remove or replace the cover. That's why you need a solar roller. The rollers make it easy to remove and install the cover. You can search more information about solar cover reel through

How to choose a solar cover reel

Rollers are available for both above grounds and above ground pools with full decks. Most casters are portable so they can be moved for winter storage.

A roll cover keeps the blanket or blanket tightly wrapped and keeps it clean and distant. They also extend the life of your sun visor, which can be damaged if pulled or folded.

There are several options for solar drums. You can choose an automatic role. The automatic reel runs on hydropower. Just attach the garden hose to the spool and turn the lever.

This takes the hassle out of removing the cover and you can simply replace the cover when you're done.

Other drums work by a manual crank. They are easy to use and work in any pool with a full deck. Rolling up the solar pool cover on the roller is fast and can be done by all adults. No need for help.

If you're laying out a blanket for the winter, you can also purchase a tarp that can be rolled around a roll and attached to protect your blinds from cracking and damage during storage.