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How To Choose The Best Survival Axe

There's only a certain amount of gear an individual can carry in a bug-out bag, which implies that you need to justify every piece of survival gear that you carry.

For many, the endurance axe can be seen as an unnecessary item to have particularly if you already own an emergency knife. While it's possible to do many of the same things that a knife can do with an axe, it is not as powerful. knife, the reality is that a knife cannot compete with the shear cutting force of an axe made from high-end materials.

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Different types of axes


The hatchet is a small axe that can be worn on a belt, or kept in a bug-out bag because of its weight and size. If you are in a situation of emergency, you could use the tomahawk or hatchet as self-defense.

Felling Axe

The name implies that an axe for felling is used to chop down trees. Therefore they are larger as well as heavier than hatchets.

Splitting Maul

The splitting maul is made up of an axe and hammer and is utilized to cut logs. The splitting mauls are generally dull blades, which prevent them from sticking to logs.

However, selecting the best tool for the job requires understanding the unique characteristics of each axe. Utilize this information to select the most appropriate axe to carry in your survival kit.