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How to Cook With Black Truffle Sea Salt?

If you have ever wondered what exactly is that magical mixture of salty, sweet, and creamy that can give food such a unique flavor, then it is your lucky day because this is one of those elusive flavors that only a few people know about and enjoy. Bold and earthy! Salt Table Black Truffle Salt definitely is the best selling salt for snacking and cooking. It's all-natural, unrefined, and isn't flavored in any way whatsoever.

If there is any one dish that exemplifies the exquisite combination of sweet, salty, and creamy it is the Italian black truffle salt. It is so rich and creamy that it is a real treat for your palate. The intense flavor is balanced by a lightness that isn't too oily and definitely not too sweet. This salt is made from all-natural sea salt, not just any old sea salt. It's harvested right where the Italian lakes and seas deposit their natural minerals, from the surrounding rocks and pools. This is why you can always be sure that it is healthy, chemical-free, and absolutely pure.

It has a nutty, roasted flavor, not too spicy, not too mild, and definitely not too clean. You'll notice the long way it goes down your throat when you are trying to decide whether you want more of the black truffle sea salt or the regular table salt on your baked potato. It goes down smooth and creamy, almost like a pudding, which is exactly how it should be.

For a great appetizer or as a wonderful addition to any salad, toss some onto a salad or into a bowl of soup. If you're in a hurry, you can always mix it up with regular salt. Just remember that black truffle salt is a bit salty, so it will overpower the other ingredients. A great combination would be some spinach, some cherry tomatoes, some baby carrots, some grated cheese, and either the black truffle salt or regular salt. Sprinkle in some olive oil and some oregano, some basil, and you have a delicious and healthy soup. It is so easy and yet so good.

Of course, for a wonderful and elegant meal, you can top a pasta dish with it. You might top spaghetti with some instead of the regular tomato sauce. You can top some steak with it and be done with it, too. A simple pasta and vegetable dish are a classic appetizer for a busy day, but the elegance of an authentic Italian black truffle sea salt makes this dish an amazing and delightful dessert.

When buying Italian black truffles, there are a few things you should know and keep in mind. One important thing to keep in mind is that these truffles are often cut into very small pieces. This is because when they are rolled in breadcrumbs, spices, cheeses, or any other form, they get lost in the bigger size of the pieces. So, make sure you are aware of how to slice these wonderful snacks and enjoy the amazing taste and aroma of them, too.

These Italian truffles have a high heat content, so you shouldn't be cooking them on a stovetop. This can make the flavor go stale. In order to ensure it stays fresh, let them come to room temperature for about one hour before you serve them. Another important thing to remember is that they do not freeze well, so keep them in a container of their own. Some cheeses can be frozen in this manner for a few months. You can also find ways to heat them up if you don't want to store them in the fridge for long periods of time.

It is important to know how to season Italian truffles for maximum flavor and appeal. Add them to your pasta dishes, use them as a topping on a baked potato or salad, or sprinkle them over a pizza. You will definitely be delighted with the newfound appreciation for this salty treat.