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Know Everything About Halotherapy

Halotherapy, also known as salt therapy, is the process of breathing air filled with tiny salt particles in order to improve the quality of your breath. Halotherapy is thought to be an alternative treatment option for lung issues like asthma, bronchitis and cough.

Speleo therapy is typically performed by using spa-like salt rooms. This treatment can aid in relaxation and could aid with skin issues and allergies. From the time of the 12th century onwards, visiting salt caves to treat ailments also known as speleotherapy was commonplace throughout Eastern Europe. 

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The 1800s saw a salt miner from Poland discover a more contemporary version of what's known as halotherapy. Although they worked in mines for the entire day, Polish miners had no respiratory ailments and were remarkably healthy. They were not likely to contract the coughs or colds that are common among people.

Studies have shown how the salty atmosphere miners breathed was able to keep their lungs clear of infection and allergic reactions. In time, Eastern European salt mines or caves were famous tourist destinations. Tourists from all over the world came to breathe in the fresh salt air, and relax their lung issues.

Salt therapy is generally performed in salt rooms. They are either passive or active. The salt room that is active has equipment called a halogenerator that is where the salt can be added. The machine breaks down the salt into tiny pieces that circulate through the room.

The room for passive salt doesn't have an appliance that breaks down salt. Instead, it is packed with various kinds of salts, including Himalayan salt. It resembles the inside of a cave for salt, but that is controlled by temperature and humidity.