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Know More About Submersible Bilge Pump

A submersible bilge pump is one that consists of a sealed motor, which is mounted in the pump body. The main benefit of such a pump is that it can provide a considerable amount of lifting power, as it does not depend on external air pressure.

centrifugal bilge pump has a system of mechanical seals that are used to prevent the fluid from being pumped from entering the motor, resulting in a short circuit. A pump can either be attached to a pipe or a flexible tube.

Submersible Bilge Pump

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Some of the types of submersible bilge pumps are bladder pumps, ballast pumps, borehole pumps, booster pumps, and centrifugal pumps. Other examples are condensed pumps, dewatering pumps, fountain pumps, grinder pumps, micro pumps, sampling pumps, trash pumps, utility pumps, and well pumps. 

Some submersible bilge pumps are manufactured for particular applications. Solar submersible bilge pumps have many uses and are suitable for slow and steady water transfer to a holding tank. Submersible bilge pumps are found in many appliances. 

Single-phase pumps are used for drainage, sewage pumping, general industrial pumping, and slurry pumping. Multiple stage submersible bilge pumps are commonly used for water implementation.

These pumps can also be found in oil wells. Moreover, submersible bilge pumps can be positioned directly in a pond and require comparatively little installation. These pumps are also relatively silent.