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Medical Massage – More Than Just A Day At The Spa

Sensual. It's blissful. It's relaxing. These are all words that come to mind when you think about a massage. Now it's time for healing. Medical massage is now widely recognized by the medical community as a way to reduce pain, increase range of motion and promote healing after injuries.

Massage for medical purposes was not widely used in the United States up until the 1980s. However, it has been popular in Europe and Russia ever since the 1700s. The massage was almost exclusively used in Russia for pain relief for over two centuries. American and European doctors discovered the benefits of massage in the 1800s.

Now it is widely used to treat various health problems all across the United States. You can find the best medical Massage centers via for relaxation and pain relief. 

The massage was also taught in some medical facilities and offered by practitioners. However, massage was not recognized as a medical entity until after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Today, most people associate massage with relaxation. However, there are important differences between Swedish and deep tissue relaxation massages.

Although relaxation massage aims to relax tight muscles, reduce stress and instill a sense of well-being, massage therapy is geared to specific conditions and achieves a treatment-oriented goal. If a patient experiences swelling due to fluid retention, the therapist will use certain techniques to drain the fluid from the affected limb and reduce the swelling. This takes skill, training, as well as anatomic and medical knowledge beyond what is required to practice relaxation massage.