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Reasons behind Global Preference for Meat Products

A recent survey conducted globally reveals a steady growth in the number of meat-lovers in comparison to their vegetarian counterparts.

Today, there is nearly 80% of the total world population which prefers eating meat over other forms of food. If you want to buy chicken products then you can hop over to

Over the years, there has been a growing demand for meat products and specialty meat all over the world. In multi-ethnic countries as well as countries with a high Hindu and Buddhist population as well, people are slowly moving towards this food form.

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Several reasons have been cited for the growing demand for this product. Some of these include:

Intermingling of Cultures

The global intermingling of cultures has greatly affected the acceptance of meat-eating even in conservative societies. The different communities in different places of the world have accepted this food as a regular diet ingredient if not as a staple diet. Different religions have also realized the importance of this food in the food chain.

High Protein Diet

The prime source of protein for humans in diet consists of the high protein content in these products. All different types of meat are a rich source of protein in our diet. The only drawback of such a diet is the presence of saturated fat which is not very useful for our body. They actually result in obesity (if taken in good quantity) and also lead to chronic illness like heart diseases, blockages, high blood pressure, etc.


Most people find meat products as relishing and it constitutes the main dish on most special occasions and celebrations. It forms the major part of the diet of North Americans, Europeans, and the Muslim community as well.

Quality Meat Processing

With the rise in the quality of processing and packaging, more and more people find meat as a secure form of raw food. Standardized and hygienic processing units and packaging industry have initiated the meat industry towards greater heights.