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5 Types Of Bamboo Wall Shelf For Small Space

Furniture selection for a room with restricted space necessitates careful consideration. You can’t just buy new furniture because you like the style. If you make a mistake, your tiny space will appear much smaller. Playing with forms on a bamboo wall shelf is one of the most acceptable methods to get a roomy effect and fashionable touch. Size, color, and material all have a role. Here are five trendy wall shelf designs based on the area and storage requirements:

1. Zigzag

It is a zig-zag pattern. In a tiny place, don’t waste any vacant space. To put it in the corner of your room, use Z-shaped or zig-zag wall shelves like this. You may use it to display books, CDs, diffusers, fragrant candles, and other decorative objects.

2. Honeycomb

Honeycomb is the name given to this pattern because it resembles a honeycomb when you use numerous hexagonal shelves and put them near together. It’s great for storing many books, CDs, LPs, toys, or figure collections. To balance out the overall design, add little ornamental things. You may be creative and build whatever layout you like with the hexagonal shelves. It will look good whether you hang it vertically, horizontally, or asymmetrically. If you enjoy bright colors, pair two or three different colored hexagonal shelves together. Choose a brightly colored shelf for the giant hexagon, for example. Make it the focal center of the design and use a neutral color scheme for the smaller hexagon shelves, white or black.

3. Poly-square

To get this effect, combine rectangular and square shelves. This arrangement has the advantage of being adaptable to your storage requirements. You may add more shelves to any edge if you need more storage, and it will still be fashionable. Just go for it!

4. Full moon split

With this simple pattern, you may create a dashing effect on your wall. Choose four linear shelves of varying lengths. Start with the shortest and work your way up to the longest. Allow enough room in the center and begin putting in reverse order (from the longest first to the fastest last).

5. Shoe rack

It is what a shoe aficionado requires. Choose a linear wall shelf that has more depth. It is preferable if the shelf is square. You may make wall-mounted shoe storage like this by putting two linear shelves together in a V-shape. Even in the tiniest part of your room, a diagonal layout in reverse order like this provides more space.

Use drill machine

It won’t be easy to utilize an electric drill if you have never used one before. Using the traditional installation approach has its own set of drawbacks. You will first harm your wall, and the hole created by the drill is difficult to fix. Second, there’s the dust from the wall. Third, if you don’t already own an electric drill, you may need to borrow or buy one.


Now that you’ve gathered a variety of bamboo wall shelf design/layout ideas, the next step is to put them all together. Is it feasible to do it on your own? Shelf brackets, an electric drill, anchors, and screws are usually required to install wall shelves.