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Why Upgrade Your Roller Blinds in 2021

Roller blinds are blinds operated by a pulley system that, when wound, either raises or lowers the blind. Over time, roller blinds fade, warp, stain and smell which is one incentive to upgrade them to a more modern version.

Roller blinds in the 1980s were operated using a pull-down mechanism, either on a loop or a bar. When pulled down a ratchet would stick to prevent the blind from retracting. To get the blind to withdraw again you had to pull the blind down just the right amount to release the hold and then the blind would retract. The problem with this method is that the mechanism inside would often break and the blind would either must remain in the open or closed position.

image of dirty blinds

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Blinds were only available in the manual mode of operation and once this broke the whole blind had to be replaced. Nowadays, blinds can be manual or motorised and if the mechanism of operation breaks, the blinds can be serviced to restore their functionality.

Existing dated roller blinds will be showing their age in several ways. This will include being faded, most likely having stains from either food splatters, bugs, watermarks, and even mould. If you try and clean them the colour starts to come out of them. If that wasn’t enough to convince you that your blinds need a much-needed facelift, consider the fact that furnishings in the home, including blinds, absorb smells. Your blinds will have absorbed your family, pet, cooking and other odours in the home over the decades, resulting in generally very dirty blinds.

As you can see there are several reasons why your dilapidated blinds need upgrading for more modern ones. This will result in clean blinds without mould, odours, fading, watermarks, bug mess, and newer modes of operation.