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All About White Tea

Tea lovers, nutritionists, and scientists are all focusing on white tea. White tea is becoming more popular due to the many studies that show it has anti-oxidants and anti-viral benefits. White tea is becoming more popular, and tea producers are offering it in increasing numbers. It is important to recognize that white tea can have a wide range of quality. How can a buyer tell the difference between the quality and price of white tea they are purchasing?

Styles of white tea

White tea can be found in many countries, including China, Taiwan, India, and Nepal. The beautiful silvery-white down that covers young leaf buds gives white tea its name. White tea must be prepared according to the traditional white tea method. This is why you will also see silvery young leaves buds in other tea types, such as black teas and green teas. However, they are not considered white tea. If you want to purchase white tea, then you can search the web.

white tea

Each grade of traditional white tea from China is distinguished by a unique name. Each grade indicates the number of young leaf buds included in the tea and whether or not the lower leaves are incorporated. A finer grade of white tea is one with more silver leaf buds.

These styles are called grades because it is more expensive to produce white tea with more silver leaves buds. Silver Needles white teas, which contain 100% silver leaf buds, tend to be more expensive and are considered higher grades. Many people prefer to drink older leaves, like the White Peony and Shou Mei, because they have a richer, warmer taste.