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Applications of Call Forwarding
Call forwarding, because the term shown enough, is to forward phone calls that enter other telephone numbers that can be in the form of your home or office or cellphone number or even voice messages. This is indeed a great feature unless the fact that calling calls to telephone numbers outside the area of your local call will be a long distance call. You can find toll free call forwarding via
Continuing calls, only defined, can increase your availability to callers. But another blessing of this feature is that your callers will not be faced with an annoying situation like no network, busy, out of reach, cannot receive calls etc.
The only other alternative is an answering machine or voicemail, but some callers hate leaving a recorded message, afraid that the so-called parties can delay or even forget to restore their calls.
Some businesses appreciate that human touch is very important and they have their calls promoted to the call center. In this way, clients can reach operators instead of answering machines or voice messages.
The future call no response – this feature can be activated when you want to make a call promoted to another number when you are away from your mobile. If there is no response from your cellphone after three or five rings or your phone is turned off, the call will be forwarded to the previous selected number.
Call Forward Busy – This feature can be activated to route all your incoming calls to the selected telephone number when you are busy on your phone attending another call.
Continuing advanced – This feature allows you to forward your incoming calls to different telephone numbers at different times in a day, depending on your weekly schedule.