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How to Care For Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a wonderful investment. But if you don’t care for them appropriately, your lash extensions may not stand the test of time. 

The eyelash extension care commandments below might take some getting used to. But once you settle into your lash-loving routine, it will be a breeze. You can also look for the best eyelash extensions paste online.

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Do Keep Extensions Clean

An important step in taking care of eyelash extensions is making sure that they are clean. Here’s how:

1.Remove your makeup and gently cleanse your extensions with an oil-free liquid makeup remover or face wash.

2.Take extra care to wipe the extensions with a wet cotton pad as a dry pad could catch onto your lashes.

3.Consider using a lash wand. This handy tool helps brush away excess dirt or oils.

Keep in mind that your eyelash extension boutique may carry a cleanser in-house or have a recommended lash cleanser that you can purchase. 

Don’t Use Oils in Your Face Routine

Common products like skincare serums, eye creams, and lotions contain oils that can dissolve the eyelash glue. Opt for water or gel-based products, and check ingredient labels before slathering on new products.

Lots of mascaras also contain oils. Take a deep breath; you don’t have to put down the mascara wand forever! There are mascara products made exclusively for eyelash extensions that won’t affect your extensions. Take care to apply this specially-made mascara only to the tips of your lashes and rock your glam girl look.