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Types of Baby Sling Carriers

When most parents look into what baby sling carriers to buy for their new bundle of joy, they almost never stop to think about the practical benefits of these carriers can offer. Babies need to be carried and moved in such a way that they're not stressed or irritated, so a good carrier can make this a reality. Being comfortable while carrying babies is just as important as being safe, and you'll be happy to know that modern baby carriers have been designed just for ease of use. You'll feel more like a professional stroller operator with the right baby carrier.

Baby Slings in Backpack Carriers is more convenient and are usually the first choice of new moms. It's important that you're aware of your options though, so that you can make an informed decision. Backpack carriers are made of different materials, ranging from synthetic fabrics to leathers. They can have a backpack style cover, which allows you to store a diaper bag beneath it. Some backpacks even have an extra attachment point allowing you to carry bottles and other necessities. If you choose backpack carriers, keep in mind that you will be able to move your baby more freely and safely with them, since they're much heavier.

Baby Slings Carriers vs Backpack Carriers When it comes to comfort, there's no contest. Baby slings, especially made from soft fabric, are very supportive and safe for babies. Using baby sling carriers helps you keep your baby close to your body, reducing strain on your back. In non-carrying cultures where mothers are often carried almost constantly, infants cry less than those in carrying cultures where parents don't have to do that. (5) And there's some evidence that breastfeeding babies are better off in a sling too. Mothers who use slings report less stress and happier mothers.

But is there a trade-off? Using baby carriers also means your baby will be resting against your body, meaning he or she may become dependent on you, requiring more care from you. If you're not used to having a baby so close to your body, this could pose a risk. But luckily there are options.

Traditional Baby Carriers Back in the day, traditional baby carriers were much larger and heavier, often consisting of a large backpack style cover. This was obviously designed for the parent, not the baby. They were big, heavy and bulky, which meant they couldn't be easily transported without their parents' help. Today's infant sling carriers are made of lighter material, often made of cloth, and they can be easily carried by one person. They can also fit into a stroller easily.

Backpack Carrier A backpack carrier is similar to its backpack counterpart, only it wraps around your torso instead of being big and bulky like the former models. This is a great option for many families, as it allows you to carry your infant close but doesn't require your help to do it. The downside is, if the baby gets wrapped up in the fabric, there's a possibility they could fall out. So be careful. If you're using a backpack carrier, be sure it has an emergency strap on the inside of the backpack.

Chinstrap Another new type of baby carrier, the chinstrap is an open weave of fabric that wraps around your baby's torso, just like bandannas or a diaper bag. It's usually equipped with elastic bands that allow you to adjust how tight it's held onto your baby. It's important not to leave it very tight as then it could cause suffocation. Some parents also find it uncomfortable, while some find it convenient to be able to get their baby in and out of the baby carrier at will.

wearable Baby Carrier Just like backpack carriers, wearable baby carriers are available in several designs and styles. There are some that attach to your waist or waistband, and some that attach to your chin. Whichever type you choose, all of them come with various features and accessories such as shoulder straps, padded straps and padded neck closures. It's recommended you buy a sling with padded straps as it will reduce the discomfort of carrying your baby. And to protect your baby's head, a chin strap will help prevent it from getting caught in the mesh material on the back of the sling.