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What is a Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Checklist?

Head chefs and restaurant managers use a commercial kitchen maintenance checklist to make sure that their kitchens are in good condition. 

What should you include in your Checklist?

Preventive maintenance is crucial to keep your kitchen running smoothly. It is possible to prevent costly repairs and also avoid safety and health violations by being proactive about equipment maintenance. 

You can also hire an industrial kitchenette wireman to repair kitchen equipment. Each kitchen maintenance checklist is different. However, the general guidelines should be followed:

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Dishwashers and Sinks

You can hand wash dishes or use commercial-grade cleaners to clean them. But, it is important to keep your kitchen clean. You can add these items to your list regarding dishwashers:

  • Verify chemical levels (detergents, sanitizers, rinsing agents)
  • Tank water should be inspected and changed regularly
  • Check for chippings, dents, or damage to dish racks
  • Every 15-20 cycles, clean the filter

To prevent dishwasher clogs or drainage problems, teach employees how to clean dishes and other kitchenware.


A gas or an electric fryer is a must-have in any kitchen that prepares large quantities of fried food. For smaller kitchens or diners with limited space, countertop fryers are a great way to maximize your floor space. However, larger kitchens that serve a lot of fried food may need multiple floor models in order to meet the demand. The following should be included in your maintenance checklist:

  • Gas leaks should be checked
  • Clean combustion fans
  • Pay attention to the quality oil used in your fryer
  • Regularly extract the oil.
  • Inspect fry baskets for damage and clean them