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Choosing The Right Dog Treats

Treats are a wonderful option to give your pup a bit of extra affection. They could be anything from homemade biscuits to a bag from a dog bakery or even a piece of steak that you put on your plate. With all these options, how can you choose the right doggy treats?

dog treats

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The Benefits of Treats

Every dog deserves an occasional treat. Treats are a great thing. Certain types are designed to improve the dental health of dogs. Foods that are loved by dogs can be a great motivator for your dog when he is in the course of training or to just promote good behavior.

If you give these small treats that you give him, you're comfortable doing it and he'll feel happy about being a part of your family. This is a huge step toward strengthening your connection of you with your pet.

Finding the Right Treats

You don't want to be depriving your pet, but how do you select the best food for your dog?

Pick treats that are specially designed for dogs. They are specially made to delight his taste without upsetting his stomach.

Make sure to offer treats with additional nutrition and dental health benefits.

Give your dog fresh vegetables like green beans, carrots, or broccoli. They have low-calorie content and are rich in fiber. But, some foods from the table could be toxic or harmful to dogs. Do not give your dog chocolate, onions, or raisins. Consult your vet about other food items before feeding them to your dog.