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Know About Direct To Garment Printers

T-shirt printing companies typically have less than 10 employees and an annual turnover of around half a million pounds. 

Direct to Garment printing is an investment that can make a significant impact on their business. It costs between 10 and 80 000 pounds. You should consider getting your shirts printed from good and reputed direct to garment printing firms.


Printing photographic quality images on t-shirts has been impossible until now. Vinyl transfer technology and screen printing can handle up to six colors, but cannot handle more complicated graphics. Screen printing has a downside: setup costs. 

Screens must be produced before you can print. These screens cost between 15 to 25 pounds each. You might have to pay a 100-pound setup fee before you print your first t-shirt. It is necessary to order a large quantity of one design before you can proceed.

Vinyl Transfer is free from setup fees and can be printed in vibrant solid colors. However, it cannot be vignetted.

The demand for complex images is driving market demand. These images can be created easily with graphics programs like Coral Draw. DTG printers work the same way as a common desktop printer. Although the DTG printer is larger than a desktop one, the print head sprays dye and not ink onto the shirt. It works the same way as a desktop printer. 

DTG printing is cost-free and can handle smaller print runs, which has made it very popular among t-shirt designers.