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Mistakes To Avoid When Using An Electric Griddle

An electric griddle allows you to prepare your favorite breakfast in a short duration and with perfection, but several avoidable mistakes can damage the griddles. Even if you have bought an electric griddle after reading reviews of best electric griddle consumer reports, you can damage it by doing the following:

Cleaning – If you use harsh soaps to clean the cooking surface of the griddle, then it can ruin the surface permanently. Instead, you should use a rag doused with hot water to wipe off excess food particles.

Maintenance – If you use cooking material on the electric griddle, then it could scrape off the non-stick layer from the surface of the griddle. You should apply a few drops of oil and use a paper towel to coat the cooking surface.

Cooking – You should let the griddle to properly heat up or else, it could result in inadequately heated or unheated cooking surface. As a result, the food remains uncooked, which obviously won’t taste good.

Grease Draining – You should use the grease draining or tilt feature to get rid of the grease from the griddle to enjoy healthier food.

Avoid these mistakes and you will be able to enjoy amazing food on the electric griddle for years to come.