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All about the UK Immigrate Visa

There are several types of visas that can be applied to emigrate to UK on depending on how long you plan to stay there and what to do there. These are the main types:

Specialized independent visa is a residence visa for people with skills and competences in demand. You're not required to have an employer to sponsor you to get one but a test will need to be passed (which assesses your qualifications, experience, aptitude, etc.). An alternative is a business visa that does not require you to pass a points test, as long as you are sponsored by an employer. If you want to get UK immigrate visa then you can visit at

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A working holiday visa allows people aged 18 to 31 to stay in UK for up to 12 months (with a possibility of extension). Labour rights are limited to incidental employment of up to 6 months per employer to supplement your stay, which means that these are only really beneficial for backpackers and travellers, not people seeking to settle in the country on a long-term basis.

The retirement visa is self-funded retiree who are 55 years of age, you do not have dependents (who are not the spouse who can be any age) and who wish to reside in UK during their retirement years. It is a temporary visa that allows stay in the country for four years, but can be applied for subsequent to maturity, with everyone allowed to remain for a period of four years.