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Performing Your Own Residential Fire Sprinkler Inspection

A fire extinguisher at home or work can be a lifesaver and is not something you want to live without. These systems are always on-duty and are effective for saving lives as well as saving property in the event of a fire. A fire sprinkler inspection is required to make sure the system you have is working properly and in good working condition.

While fire sprinklers don't require a lot of time-consuming maintenance, they do require some. Periodic fire extinguisher inspections are a necessity to ensure it remains in top working order.

As long as your sprinkler system is relatively basic, you should be able to do the inspection yourself. If you have a complex you can call a professional.

There are a few things that need to be done every month when it comes to the well-being of your sprinkler setup. A visual fire extinguisher inspection needs to play an important role. This test is necessary because you want to make sure that there is no interference with your sprinkler. A blockage will adversely affect the water spray pattern.

You need to walk around your home to make sure nothing is hanging or caught by the sprinkler heads. Check carefully to make sure there are no obstructions within 18 inches of either direction of the sprinkler ends. If there are they need to be removed.

Fire sprinkler inspection doesn't end here. Wait because there's so much more to do! There are things you should do at least twice a whole calendar year. Check your system twice a year to remember when you change your clocks and when it's time to replace the batteries in your smoke detector. Harnessing the power of association can help you remember what you need to do.