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Google AdWords: The Next Generation Of Search Marketing

Google sets themselves in a league of its own above other search engines by their relentless pursuit of new ideas, inventions, and technologies that emerge from the depths of Google Labs to become a reality.

Google AdWords in particular stands out from other PPC marketing platforms by the enormous leaps and bounds that they have taken throughout the last several months that are changing the face of the search engine marketing industry. You can also hire google ads management experts for google adwords campaigns.


Several of the new technologies that are quickly turning AdWords into a marketing Mac truck include Click-To-Play Video ads, Pay-Per-Call ads as well as Google Publication Ads.

Recently Google has been experimenting with AdWords campaign managers placing ads in select print publications. The ad formats that have been tested range from templated ads and text ads to full-page spread ads.

Where your ads appear is based on an auction-type format much the same as the AdWords bidding system. How the process works are you will compete head to head with other advertisers and set a max bid price.

When the bidding stage closes the winning bidder's campaign manager will be contacted by a Google representative who will notify them and work along with them to produce an advertisement that is ready for print publication.

If you are declared the winner of the auction you will never pay more than what you set as your max bid, in fact, you may very well end up paying less than what you originally set as your max bid.

At present, there is a wide range of publications that are participating in the Google Print Ads program including popular publications such as lifestyle, automotive, and technology.