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Delicious Gourmet Ground Coffee

Gourmet coffee reaches its peak of freshness and perfection shortly after being ground. The longer the ground coffee sits, the more stale the coffee becomes. Some coffee snobs believe that buying coffee that's already ground isn't the freshest or most delicious way to make it. 

There is something so relaxing and wonderful about buying a bag of beans and grinding the beans when they are ready to use. Today, however, gourmet coffee purveyors and retailers grind coffee daily and serve and sell it immediately. In turn you receive freshly ground gourmet coffee! It saves time and is very convenient.

The important thing to consider when buying ground gourmet coffee is how long ago it was ground? If you're shopping online, you need to think about the time frame. The company receives or harvests the grains. They are then ground for your drinking pleasure. If you’re interested in buying gourmet coffee then browse online to

After that, they are packed and shipped. The result is beans that could have been ground weeks ago. The same happens with the purchase of this product in specialized or grocery stores. You also need to add additional time for the company to get the product on the shelves. That can be weeks or even up to a month!

If you're looking for a delicious cup of Joy, I think the most important thing is the type of roast you buy! Make sure you're drinking a roast that you enjoy. Darker roasts are richer in flavor and more robust. These are the kind of coffees that black coffee drinkers enjoy. Lighter roasts, like cinnamon roasts, have a lighter flavor and are for the type of coffee drinkers who prefer a little sugar and cream in their morning drink.