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How To Compare And Choose The Best Gutter Guard System For Your Home

Gutter guards are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials that are more durable than old plastic grids at popular hardware stores. 

The problem with light netting or gauze used as gutter protection is that they cannot withstand the weight of snow and ice. Many homeowners have found these gutter guards covered in snow and ice, forced to reach the bottom of the gutter. You can get more information about gutter guards and their protection at

As soon as these mesh gauze collapsed, they disturbed the tiny debris that would normally be thrown out of the gutter when it rained. 

Extensive testing of various sewer protection systems over the past 16 years has shown that brands that use water adhesion tend to offer the best protection when comparing gutter protection systems. 

Many gutter guards are also made of aluminum, which in itself can cause problems. One problem is that the colors don't last forever. 

After exposure to UV rays and sun-damaging weathering, the paint begins to oxidize and damage the surface, leaving a stain and worn appearance. 

Another problem is hail, sticks, and other natural phenomena that can drown material and potentially affect its ability to adhere to water (allowing water to enter the bottom of your home – causing flooding in the basement). 

Before deciding that you have finally found the best sewer protection system, do your research and contact a reliable sewer cleaning company in your area.