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The types of Real Estate Transactions involving Hard Money Lender

If someone is in search of an unsecured loan one of the main concerns is "will my proposed property purchase be eligible to draw interest from a hard-money lender?" This is a crucial and valid issue that requires a thorough answer.

To make it clear it is possible for a hard-money credit to be secured for nearly every real estate transaction. For instance, the loan can be secured to finance buying a one-family house or a multi-family residential property, commercial real estate, and so on. 

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It is worth noting that the overwhelming majority of the hard money loans, and elsewhere are granted as mortgages to purchase residential properties.


A very well-known real estate transaction made possible by hard-money loans is fix-and-flip construction projects. These loans are usually used to buy a house with the intention to make improvements to the house and then put it up for sale again to make the possibility of making a profit.

Unique Properties will present challenges

It could be difficult to find a reliable hard-money lender that is willing and able to lend to other kinds of properties like:

* Land purchase;

* Intellectual property (e.g. steel mill, for instance);

* Churches;

* Restaurants

Hard Money Loans for Estate Sales-

While it may be difficult to locate an accredited lender for specific real estate transactions it is important to remember that if you've identified an item on the market that is being sold as or estate auction, it is possible that you may possibly get a loan and elsewhere with lesser hurdles than for instance, the purchase of the restaurant.