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Mind-Body Healing – A Powerful Tool

Mind-body healing is a powerful method for self-transformation that relies on our shared experience of the relationship between our minds and bodies. An anxious thought or feeling about a deadline or illness can be accompanied by anxiety bodily sensations such as tension or stomach pain, headaches, and butterflies. We feel frustrated by a difficult project, an argument, or any other mental issue. Our body feels calm when we are focused. It is possible to be deeply focused and still feel peaceful.

Mind-body healing uses this connection to allow you to heal at deeper levels. It allows you to experience the interplay between mind and body, and then use what you have learned to improve your mental, physical and emotional responses to life. It is possible to recover from serious illness or stress or to simply improve your functioning. No matter what your goal may be, the mind-body connection can be the most powerful and rewarding ally in your quest for greater health and fulfillment in your life.

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Because they have a limited view of mind-body work, many people don't understand the transformative power of mind-body healing. It may involve relaxation techniques, visualizations, or affirmations. These are mostly methods of manipulating the mind to influence the body. These are only one aspect of mind/body healing. They don't even touch the core of what mind/body healing is about.

Mind-body healing refers to the process of becoming more connected to your body and using that connection to make decisions that work for you. One person might learn how to use body awareness to release chronic anxiety-related physical tension. The person will also be able to let go of mental anxiety by learning to release the physical tension. Mind-body healing may be for someone else.

It might involve learning how to decrease low back pain and become more aware of how her body moves when she is standing, sitting, and walking. It might be improving your golf or tennis swing by learning how to deep breathe while playing. This will automatically relax the muscles and improve focus. Mind-body healing may also mean being able to control his body language and speak clearly.