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The Easiest Way To Be Approved For A Conventional Loan

Qualifying for an investment home loan can be difficult for many investors due to rules and regulations, financial issues regarding a down payment or credit rating, to qualify for a particular loan. 

A conventional loan is a mortgage loan that is not guaranteed or insured by the federal government, but is considered a mortgage loan following the directives of a government-sponsored company (GSE). Conventional loans are then divided into suitable or unsuitable loans.

Conventional loans at are usually recommended if investors are unsure of their creditworthiness or are financially unable to make a significant down payment. This loan is ideal for investors who need flexible payment options or who want low closing costs.

Conventional Home Ownership Requirements – Homebuyers must invest at least 5%-20% of the cash sale price for down payment and closing costs. 

Eligibility – This loan can be used to finance primary, secondary and investment properties, as well as the purchase of secured housing, multi-family home development plans, modular homes, 1-4 family homes and prefabricated homes.

Conventional programs offer the following loans –

Fixed Rate Loans – For the most part, traditional mortgages are fixed rate mortgages and your interest rate will usually stay the same throughout the life of the loan. Of course, with a conventional fixed rate mortgage, you always know exactly what your monthly rate will be and how many payments you still owe.

Adjustable Rate Loans – The initial interest rates and monthly payments on adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) loans are relatively low but can change over the life of the loan.