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The Many Advantages Of Polished Concrete Floors In Mornington Peninsula

Polished concrete floors are becoming more and more visible as people realize their many benefits and longevity. With proper care and polishing, they are practically maintenance free and only occasionally need to be wiped with a damp cloth. 

When a concrete floor sealant is used, it is resistant to stains and spills. The beautifully polished concrete floor can be made using a saw or pattern in almost unlimited color and combinations to get the same sheen as marble or granite. 

When dye is applied to concrete, it can be absorbed more in some areas than in others, creating an interesting coloring effect. When laying out a new concrete floor, you can put in all kinds of things to create different effects. 

A concrete floor may have glass beads, seashells, pebbles from the beach, or other items that give it a unique and distinctive look when the floor is polished. It can be any color you want so you can easily have a simple finish if you want. 

The floor can also be scrubbed to get the desired shine, to a very glossy finish. When laying a new floor, it must be hardened for at least 28 days before being polished.

There are certain preparations that need to be done when polishing existing concrete floors. Surfaces must be prepared to ensure that dirt, grease or coating is removed. Something may be misplaced on many concrete floors, i.e. carpets, and they need to be cleaned to remove dirt.