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All About Quad Skates

Quad skating used to be a popular activity back in the day. It peaked in popularity in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and after a long sleep, has slowly made its way back into the limelight.

Many credits the returning popularity of Roller Derby, but in all actuality, Roller Derby is just part of it. If you want to buy quad skates for your child then you can look for the best quality roller skates online.

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Perhaps it’s the reminiscent side of us that is driving us back into using these 4 wheeled quad skates, or just that we are tired of inline skates, whatever it is, and one thing for sure – people want quad skates.

For those that want to get back into this great activity, then for your convenience, below are the 3 types of quad skates available.

Aggressive – Whether taking it off of jumps, over things, under things, between things or flying with them fantastically through the air – the ultimate goal is to do something new with it that has never been done before.

These are the freestylers of the world, the same people that took the skateboard and turned it into the culture it has become today, and the same people that hopped on a motorbike and started taking them off massive jumps.

Sport – This branch of quad skating is for roller derby fans and speed skaters. Other sports such as performance dancing and hockey have been known to use quad skates.

Each type of sport has its own version of skate, for instance, the performance version will have a reinforced heel for support, and provide coverage for the entire ankle.

Recreational – These are for the riders that just enjoy skating. Whether you want to take a ride down the sidewalk at the beach, or anywhere else with a flat surface, there are quad skates for that too.

You can find recreational skates that are basically sneakers integrated with wheels.