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When Do You Need To Repair Your Sliding Door

Having sliding doors at home is a joy: it provides a great view of the outside, provides a pleasant home atmosphere, is comfortable to slide in, and can often be easily repaired. All of this is exactly why so many households own them and install them in their homes. Sliding doors come in all shapes and sizes. 

There will come a time when they need to be fixed; it can be caused by various problems like a broken roller, broken lock, stall shift, bent track, etc. Knowing when these problems occur, and why, will only make it easier to understand when to call a sliding door repair expert to get the problem fixed.

Broken roller

Sliding door rollers are the main element that allows it to slide on the track. Over time they wear out when opening/closing the door. A sign of a damaged caster is if the door looks very heavy when you try to slide it back and forth. Dirt, rocks, leaves and other objects can seriously damage and sometimes destroy the rollers completely.  Rust from water and moisture is another common problem that plagues rollers and causes them to stop working altogether. In this case, sliding door roller replacement is the best option, since a rusted roller cannot be repaired, and even lubricating it will not solve the problem. 

Dirt on the track

As dirt builds up on the rails, the door will gradually become more and more difficult to slide. Most people barely notice it at first and just use more force to keep pushing the door back and forth. However, this causes more wear than usual and damages the chain and rollers. With greater force, the rollers break more and more often and stop working. In addition, the extra force can also cause the rails to bend; In this case, even after cleaning the door, moving it can still be a problem.

It doesn't stop there either, as the frame itself can be deformed and damaged by the added force of the door, which must be opened and closed regularly from time to time. While it may seem like an easy fix, it is still highly recommended to call a specialist to review the situation and determine what the problem is with the door. This will resolve the current issue and prevent serious damage that could result in the door needing to be replaced immediately.