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Inheritance Tax Gifting: Gifts To Your Loved Ones

Make sure your wealth is protected from unnecessary and high inheritance taxes by knowing the law and acting. This can mean that valuable assets can be transferred and used by your family, not the tax authorities.

Effective immediately, inheritance tax is payable on assets such as property and real estate if they are above the current IHT threshold: £325,000 is the magic number for 2011-122% tax on amounts above that threshold. This means that £330,000 worth of properties that are just £5,000 above the IHT threshold will receive a tax bill of £132,000. You can get the right information of inheritance taxes in UK at

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One way to avoid this is to distribute wealth in the form of gifts that are exempt from inheritance tax. The following are some of the circumstances in which HMRC allows tax-free gifts:

Excluded beneficiaries

Certain people, groups, and organizations may be awarded tax-free gifts. This also applies to your spouse or domestic partner during their stay in the UK. Eligible charities, national institutions, and major political parties are also considered tax-exempt beneficiaries.

Annual edition

Up to £3,000 can be distributed annually and is not subject to IHT. This can be given and spent at the discretion of the recipient: the first car or maybe a vacation abroad.

Smaller gifts

In each tax year, you are entitled to a small gift. €250 can be given as a small gift to any number of people and is not taxed according to the IHT.

Transfer with "Maybe"

Remember the seven-year rule: gifts can be excluded from IHT as long as it is done more than seven years before the donor's death. This means that you can potentially transfer all assets to your beneficiary tax-free.