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Help Your Car Tyres Last Longer

We all want car tyres that last longer – they can be expensive, and making time to have them fitted can be inconvenient at times. So what can you do to increase their longevity (apart from never driving anywhere…not really a viable solution for most of us?)

The brand you choose will be a factor as each one will use a different compound and will perform differently. Some will be better for lots of motorway driving, some will be better if you spend lots of time in towns, and some are exclusively for off-roading! Tyres Sales, Repair & Maintenance in Ryde, Sydney  allows for a complete inspection of the damage and ensures the plug used to repair the puncture bonds properly with the tire casing to make it airtight.

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It is well worth taking the time to research the best tyres for your car and the driving you do before you actually need the tyres replaced. This helps ensure you are not making a 'distress purchase', and will save you time. It's a lot easier to look for cheap car tyres when you are only searching for one type of tyre than to try to figure out the best value for money of a range of tyres from a range of outlets.

Similarly, twisty mountain roads wear out tyres much quicker, while driving all the time in towns gives you tyres that last longer. The more braking you do, the quicker you will wear out your tyres.

Cornering also wears them out, but not as quickly, so the more your driving pattern includes braking and cornering, the more frequently you will need to replace your tyres. Planning your route with more motorway sections can help.

The more aggressive you’re driving style, the more wear on your car tyres. Looking ahead and trying to predict any changes such as needing to stop turn or speed up so that you can carry out these maneuvers less aggressively will help reduce this wear. Front-wheel drive cars are more susceptible to this as the front wheels are then doing everything – braking, turning and pulling the car along.