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Why You Absolutely Need A Pool Cover

If you are a pool owner, you are a lucky owner. You have a place to relax and play during the warm weather. Of course, you can also incur some high monthly energy bills in the summer, since operating a pool cleaning system and heating a pool can be expensive. And don't forget all the work you have to do to keep leaves out and properly maintain your pool. And of course, you have to worry about little kids or pets falling into the pool when you're not around…

I'm not bringing you down, am I?

I just want to remind you of some of the downsides of owning a pool so you realize why a pool cover is such a wise investment.

There are two main reasons why you should invest in a swimming pool coverings:

1. Security

If you have small children or pets, it is difficult to keep an eye on them all the time. However, a good pool cover can protect them from falls into the pool. Many covers are designed for this purpose and often you will see their ads with an elephant standing on the pool cover without damaging it or falling off. I guess if you can support the weight of an elephant, your kids will be fine!

Don't forget the safety of the neighborhood children as well. Even if your children are adults, you should always keep in mind that the young people from the neighboring houses may think it's fun to sneak into your garden and use your pool while you're away. Believe it or not, you would still be responsible if something happened to them.

 A safe pool cover can save you a lot of headaches and worries. While neighborhood kids may be drawn to a sparkling open pool beckoning to them from the other side of the fence, it's unlikely anyone would go to the trouble of removing the pool cover to get in.

2. Less maintenance

A pool cover is also practical simply because less stuff falls into the pool to be filtered. If you have a lot of trees in your garden, then you know what I mean. Dragging leaves out of the pool every day gets old very quickly!

By covering your pool at night, when it's windy, or when you're not using it, you can save a lot of effort in the maintenance department. Not only do leaves from trees frequently fall into pools, but also dust, sand, and small debris can travel with the wind or be blown from a nearby lawn or garden.

Having a pool cover in place means doing less maintenance work overall.

So, as you can see, there are three good reasons to have a pool cover: they create more safety, they mean less money spent on energy, and they mean less maintenance.