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Does Water Soluble CBD Benefit Your Body

A 2017 Hebrew University of Jerusalem study that tested CBD and THC absorption in nanospheres may have led to claims of increased bioavailability. Researchers used rats to test the effectiveness of nano-spheres of cannabinoids in encapsulating the cannabinoids. The water was then allowed to dissolve them.

These results revealed a 600% increase in the amount of CBD that could be used in cells. Although this shows the amazing potential of water soluble hemp, it does not mean that all water-soluble CBD preparations will be as effective. There are many different types of water-soluble and nano CBD, but they all have different production methods and different effects.

This study revealed that nano-spheres were successful because they kept active ingredients in place until they passed through the stomach wall. They begin to disintegrate and release their contents after this point. The results of CBD leaving its nanosphere too soon or too late can have dramatic effects.

Water-soluble products can be an effective way to increase the absorption rate of cannabinoids. However, more research is required to fully understand the process. It all depends on how CBD is made water-soluble and when it returns to its original fat-soluble form.

Water solubility provides a CBD product with numerous benefits. It can be added to water-based products meaning that brands can mix it into foods and drinks without also having to add oil.