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The Basic Way To Treat Termites From Dry Wood

Termites cause a lot of damage worth millions of dollars. The two main types are subterranean termites and dry wood termites. They have a lot of differences between them. The underground type has underground colonies and is large.  You can search more information about drywood termite treatment via

The Basic Way To Treat Termites From Dry Wood

You have millions of people in one church. Dried tree species live on the wood they eat. Your colony is much smaller. They reproduce very quickly and can form large numbers of colonies throughout the structure.

There are two types of treatment, namely structural smoking, and on-site treatment. The Spot Wood method is usually used in places with fewer infections. You can do it yourself. All you need is the right equipment with the correct instruction manual.

Your home should be inspected by a professional inspector and decided on the level of termite infestation. Several companies offer packages including termite repellent.

1. Structural smoking: Performed with gas or methyl bromide. The entire building is closed so the gas cannot escape and is then discharged. The screams spread very quickly and evenly everywhere. Another advantage is that it is distributed in the temperature range where dry wood termites are present.

2. Wood spot treatment: for maximum efficiency and proper fluid effect, you need to know the basics. Holes are drilled into the affected wood area with a drill bit. Chemicals, either in liquid or powder form, are sprayed into these holes. Silica gel must be injected into the hole even in the smallest amount. Excess dust will be of little use.