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The History Of The Camping Tent

Camping was a way of life long before we became our favorite hobby. The most important piece of equipment is a tent.

The current famous shelter was designed by the US Army in 1855. You can also buy army tents via

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They modeled "tent bell" after the Indian breed, using canvas rather than buffalo hides. In 1911, the first scout handbook was published showing 10 different types of tents.

After the end of World War II in 1945, the postwar economic boom sent Americans to retail warehouses and surplus army supplies, where they bought thousands of tents of various styles before heading out.

The first standalone tent was designed in 1959. It has wooden poles. Light metal trunks began to replace wood frames in the 1960s. In the 1970s, backpack storage tents were designed which sold 1 million units in just 10 years.

The first "tents for trucks" were developed in 1990 and had to be placed behind the pickup truck. Nowadays, these tents have been rapidly expanding with developments that make camping very satisfied.

Technological innovations offer more enjoyable experiences, and 3.2 million Americans have historically turned camping into tents to enjoy and remember. So, this was a short history of tent camping.