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Tips for Replacing the Old Boiler With New One

Boiler technology has changed rapidly over the last fifteen years. If your home is one of many that is heated by a boiler, you may be in the market for a boiler replacement. Older boilers have lower fuel consumption and can also be less efficient at doing the work they were designed for. 

Hosts should estimate the price of a new boiler in relation to increased operating costs. Many of the older boilers were found to have environmental concerns, so the occupants of the affected homes may get sick or be physically at risk. You can also get the best outdoor boiler cleaning services from professionals. 

5 Telltale Signs It's Time to Replace an Old Boiler System

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On a larger scale, the components of some older boilers are actually harmful to the environment. Regulations about some of these factors can determine whether to replace them or not. 

In general, there is a reason to replace it when your boiler is 15 years old or older. Boilers of this age consume an average of 200 additional gallons each year simply due to reduced efficiency. It is estimated that at this age the boiler is operating at an efficiency of about 60% or less. 

At current fuel prices, older boilers cost hundreds of dollars more on fuel. This is a waste of energy because there is no way to use the fuel. Government regulations are stricter than ever. At the same time, there are several incentive programs that make purchasing a new boiler a very attractive offer. 

Cash for rattles and tax breaks are just two examples. Other owners have an incentive to replace the cauldron just to reduce the damage to the planet.