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Ways Physical Therapy Can Help You Recover From Surgery

It doesn't matter if you're recovering from a hip replacement or open-heart surgery, or receiving treatment for breast cancer it is likely that you require some form of physical therapy to help you recover.  Physical therapy helps you to speed up the healing process.

Here are reasons why the practice of physical therapy is an essential aspect of recovering from surgery:

1. Improves balance, mobility, and strength– Surgery can result in a limitation of mobility within the affected region or the body part. The body's natural reaction is to safeguard the region of injury, which may cause tightness in the muscle or tissue spasms, swelling, and restricted movement. If you are looking for post surgical recovery services then you can find them through various online resources.

 post surgical rehabilitation

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Physical therapy is a great way to help patients to regain mobility via movement through exercising to strengthen, myofascial release, and other manual methods.

Furthermore, exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back, core and pelvis improve stability and enhance balance, which aids immensely in recovering from surgery such as hip or knee replacement.

2. It reduces swelling and pain. The swelling that occurs after surgery is a common part of healing and is different between one patient and the next. A nerve-ending stimulation of chemicals is released, and inflammation increases the nerves, causing pain. 

Swelling reduces the healing process and increases mobility, which in turn helps to reduce pain overall. Movement and exercises performed during rehabilitation can reduce swelling.