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What Is Virtual Scrum and How Is It Applied?

Virtual scrum is an educational tool to help instruct the scrum method to students at the undergraduate level in the area of software engineering. Because it's become an extensively used agile practice in the world of software and is essential that students are prepared for this process through hands-on experience. 

The study offered an educational and hands-on method of scrum methodologies. This tool for training virtualized allowed students to become familiar with various software and elements of scrum such as blackboards, document viewers, browsers for the webchat, and calendars. 

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Agile Software Development and the Scrum Methodology

Surveys conducted annually have revealed scrum and agile methodologies are growing every year. For 2007, the State of Agile Development Survey revealed that 37 percent of respondents used scrum. 

More than 50 % of those businesses surveyed have adopted scrum as their primary agile method of development. 

It is a reliable method of software development that is able to be utilized anywhere in the office. It also makes use of collaboration and communication to efficiently manage the process of product development.

It's essential to become familiar with the fundamentals of this method before entering the world of the virtual scrum. The second tool, utilized to aid people in understanding the steps and procedures associated with the scrum method can help demonstrate the advantages of this technique. 

While writing and reading about the methodology of scrum can be a great method to gain knowledge of the process, it's particularly beneficial to gain a real understanding of the process of the scrum.