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Why Does Child Suck Their Thumb?

Many babies begin their "sucking" journey in utero. Infants' survival depends on their natural instinct to suck. It is part of the Suck, Swallow breathing mechanism, which is developed in infanthood during feeding. 

It supports and develops many human functions and behaviors. These include motor development, posture, motor skills, and visual-motor skills. If you think your child is facing an orofacial issue, you can opt for myofunctional therapy.

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A thumb or dummy is a great way for babies to soothe themselves when they feel stressed or tired. Research shows that neurotransmissions in the brain decrease when this happens as hormones like dopamine or serotonin are released. These hormones can induce feelings of calm, comfort, and relaxation.

Non-nutritive sucking is well-known for its Orthodontic value. "Your thumb will push out your teeth" The upper teeth are pushed out and the lower teeth are pushed in. The orthopedic effects of sucking that are not nutritive are often overlooked.

Children who sucking vigorously or for prolonged periods of time may notice changes in the shape of their upper jaw. The shape and size of the arch of an adult's upper teeth can affect how they fit together. It also influences the development of a child's face as they grow.

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist, a speech or dental professional who has studied in this field and has experience in helping children quit sucking. Early intervention is key if your child suckers their thumb or finger. 

This will ensure that they have a healthy, beautiful smile and a natural, healthy face.